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Fifty 2 One – We go above and beyond to ensure you are getting the most from our services.

Fifty 2 One Ltd was established in 2016 by Darren Hargreaves and Daniel Ionita who had worked together for a big agency, local to them, in the North. Darren worked as the General manager and Daniel was the head of the development team.

Darren and Daniel are from different backgrounds, different cultures and most definitely have different skill sets. However, they did have a common theme, they wanted to create an agency that was honest and ethical. They wanted to run a company that they could be incredibly proud of.

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Complete Transparency

We are honest and up-front with what work has been done and what you can expect. If it can't be seen, it hasn't been done.

Dedicated Team

We are team and we work together and put the hours in for our customers. We always try to be available for our customers.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We don't stop until you are happy. From unlimited design revisions to regular updates and working until the work is complete.


How it all started

Darren & Daniel started by recruiting a team that comprised of people they knew or knew of, people they could invest in and know would invest in them.

Fifty 2 One have done this, and believe that is probably their proudest achievement to date. Staff (family) that all work to the common goal, that doesn’t switch off at 5pm when there is a deadline to meet, and are available whenever a client may need them.

These qualities are so very hard to find, but to a person, Fifty 2 One is a way of life, a family and a secure future for us all. Darren and Daniel are the directors, yes, but they are given tasks by the team where it is required and we all roll our sleeves up and work toward a common goal! 100% client satisfaction, time and time again!

As a company we see ourselves as an extension of your business. We make suggestions based on our extensive knowledge and experience of Website Design, Development and SEO, and what the competition are also doing. We run everything past your company so that we can align our ideas and suggestions with that of your brand and company ethos. We ideally like to work closely with you and have regular communication to discuss the work being done and what work is to be done in the following period. This allows you to see what is being done and for us to keep you informed. So, as the success starts to come, you know it is the efforts of our team that is the driving force.

As a company we are totally transparent so anything we have done is there for you to see and anything unseen is simply not done! One of the key factors of the way we work and what makes us so successful is our ability and willingness to adapt. Websites are fluid and constantly evolving after all.

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Clients love our agency
Ribble FM
Lee Roe

I feel compelled to endorse it by saying that the work you and your team did on the new Ribble FM website was nothing short of fantastic. For me the upheaval of even thinking about a new website and the processes involved was a headache, but given we had just two in person meetings and…

Route One Distribution
Jeff Lake

I am and always have been absolutely delighted with the service Fifty2One Ltd. provides to Route One Distribution. You and your excellent in-house team take the time to listen, then carefully explain & make recommendations that have always turned out to be the right way to go for me and my budget. Nothing has ever…

Elite Lawns

Darren and his team at Fifty2One Ltd are a amazing professional team very knowledgable always willing to help with anything. My business has exceeded what I thought was possible thanks to Darren and his team. I would highly recommend Fifty2One Ltd if your wanting your business to flourish and get recognised. Thank you Darren and…