Tayport Distillery

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Kecia McDougall established Tayport Distillery, embarking on her distillation journey amidst Ohio’s apple orchards and later expanding in Fife’s berry fields. Inspired by the folklore of Ohioan moonshiners and the art of micro-distillation, Kecia aimed to infuse a Scottish twist into the traditional European beverage, Eau de Vie. Situated on the outskirts of Tentsmuir National Nature Reserve, Tayport Distillery carefully crafts its spirits using locally sourced fruits and grains from Fife. Following a ‘grain to glass’ approach, their spirits are meticulously produced in small batches, free from any added sugars, relying solely on the natural sweetness of the fruits. For those seeking an unconventional spirit, the distillery offers a unique selection of Eau de Vie.



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